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I’ve followed an all-female grape-picking crew through an abysmal wine harvest.

I’ve sat in a van with a family for two hours in a prison parking lot, waiting for their father to be released after 23 years.


I’ve shared the family gumbo recipe that was passed down by my grandmother, who grew up in Houma, Louisiana.

I am an FAA certified remote drone pilot.

I once wrote a story about an Elvis impersonator who was so infatuated with the King that he underwent plastic surgery to look more like his idol – work that was paid for by a group of elderly women who never saw the real Elvis in concert and were living vicariously through the next best thing.


My documentaries have played on PBS stations across the country and film festivals around the world. I’ve been the storyteller in residence for several nonprofits. And I’ve won national awards for feature stories I’ve written. Some are independent projects, some for employers and others for loyal clients I’ve collaborated with for over a decade.

At their core, every story or film or photo essay starts with a few basic questions: Why do we need to tell this story? Who is the audience? How is this story unlike any other that’s been told before? And what is the best way to tell it?

So, what’s your story? Get in touch and we’ll figure out the best way to capture it.

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